Photo 23 Sep 3 notes Hell yeah!!!

Hell yeah!!!

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James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser 

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Photo 22 Sep 3 notes Oh my lungs!! I can’t stop laughing

Oh my lungs!! I can’t stop laughing

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And here I am :) with the finished work!
And a bonus :)
To tell the truth the last sketch inspired me for the illustration. 
The snow comes ‘cause  I’m listening the wonderful voice of Michael Bublè (and his christmas song) XD

Hope you like this my last little work! :)
Another thing…I would to say thank to everybody that love my works. Often I think that I don’t so well to drawing afterall. But your tags, your comments are very important to me! 
Really really thank to all of you! <3

So sweet :)

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The Last of Us Illustrations by Jose Emroca / Tumblr & Jisoo Kim / Tumblr

Part of the “Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary" art show, opening September 27th, 2014, at Gallery Nucleus.

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'Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of myBone'       _         The Wedding

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